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About us

Two sisters, Nhi Truong who goes by Tracy and Bich La who goes by Tiffany are owners of new Englewood restaurant, Watda Pho! Great food and good service run deep in their family tree. Their great grandparents opened their first restaurant in 1962 in Tra Binh, Vietnam, but closed the place in 1977 due to the War. The Family came to the U.S. in 2011 and grandmother, other, and two daughters worked in the restaurant industry since their arrival.

It took the two younger women six years to gain experience and management skills they needed in restaurant business to go off on their own. Now, it is time they show the world what they can do. Following their mother's advice to "do what you can do the best," they opened Watda Pho! on Hampden Avenue. To these women, the advice means if you want to open a Vietnamese restaurant, choose what you can cook the best and throw in the family's secret ingredient which is "love" and get to work. They still use the recipes passed down from their great, grandparents.

As their mom said, "Once you can make this food good, one year or ten years later it has to taste the same. It is very important to bring the customer back to the restaurant. Customers are smart and they can sense the difference in the dish." They chose Englewood first, because there was no Pho place in the city yet, plus the location they chose was perfect! Beyond these reasons, their new place is close to both Craig Hospital and Swedish Medical Center where Tracy and Tiffany used to work. To show their appreciation to the employees of both facilities, they've offered them all a 10% discount.

Please come visit their new place!